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Hello There!

I'm a wife, mom, entrepreneur, and lover of all things positive! I Love living my best life and staying true to me. Passionate about uplifting and empowering women, I share my journey and insights through Hello Serenity, aiming to inspire others to lead a balanced and fulfilling life.

All About Me

An picture of the blog founder Kim Cabrera.

I’m Kim Cabrera, the driving force and Wellness Coach behind Hello Serenity. Since 2015, I’ve been deeply engaged with mindfulness and holistic practices.


My transformative experiences with meditation and intentional living have not only changed my life but also sparked a passion in me to share these principles with others. Through Hello Serenity, I connect with those eager to delve into mindfulness and foster a lifestyle filled with inner peace and purpose.


My practice of mindfulness is not just theoretical but a practical guide in my own life, offering tranquility and clarity. This motivated me to create a supportive community where women can find encouragement, wisdom, and empowerment on their own journeys of self-discovery.


Before embarking on this spiritual and entrepreneurial journey, I served eight years in the US Army. This time reinforced my resilience, shaped my global perspective, enhanced my appreciation for diverse cultures, and deepened my dedication to mindful, intentional living.


Today, as a Wellness Coach at Hello Serenity, my story is a vibrant illustration of mindfulness's life-altering impact. I invite you to start your own journey at Hello Serenity, aligning your life with your truest self and greatest aspirations.

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